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Japanese Grammar Patterns at a Glance, Intermediate 1 (N3)

English: Japanese Grammar Patterns at a Glance: Intermediate 1 (N3)
Japanese: 一目でわかる日本語文法:中級①(N3)
Harumi Morrissey

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This paper textbook and DVD cover Japanese patterns at the lower intermediate level, including the 78 patterns you can expect to encounter at the N3-level grammar section of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

The key goal of the Natural Japanese at a Glance series is to make studying Japanese grammar interesting and easy. To achieve this, this textbook and DVD takes a strong multimedia approach, which helps you understand the material at a glance and makes learning both fun and efficient. This approach will help you efficiently improve your understanding of Japanese grammar, and improve your Japanese listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Relation to the ebook:
This book covers the same material as the corresponding N3 ebook (Natural Japanese at a Glance: N3 Patterns). However the DVD is better for teachers in a classroom setting.
How to buy:
The book assumes you are at the lower-intermediate level. You should be able to read and understand all hiragana and katakana, and should have studied enough to pass the first two levels (N5 and N4) of the JLPT. Students who have passed N4 have often studied for about 300 hours, know about 300 kanji, and have a solid understanding of basic Japanese grammar.
Errata and known problems
There are currently no known problems with this book.